His Work

jeremy deller

His latest work presented on 1 July 2016, We’re Here Because We’re Here was presented in numerous public spaces throughout the United Kingdom with the aim to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Jeremy Deller still lives and works in London, but he moved out of his parents´home.

Even though he had many solo exhibitions over the course of the time, Jeremy Deller is most proud of his numerous group exhibitions. Nevertheless, Deller is not an artist of a single medium which he is trying to prove throughout his career. In addition to his projects and presentations, Jeremy Deller has several publications behind him as well as a number of video promotions and posters which are in a way ode to one of the key figures in his life and career – Andy Warhol. All of his works, including projects and posters are explained in detail and have a purpose.

This way he is teaching the world about the things that are obviously in front of them but which they are trying to neglect and forget, which is the key element for Deller´s work. According to the critic Mark Brown, Deller is a “pied piper of popular culture” who requires the participation and feedback of the viewers, listeners, readers and society in general. Provoking emotions either positive or negative is the way Deller is trying to engage people in action against the current social and political situation. For the same reason, Jeremy Deller often presents historical events which he builds upon over the time with found materials.

Joy in People is one of the greatest Deller´s exhibitions, which incorporates almost all of his major works including various installations, photographs, videos, as well as posters and banners, but also some performance works and sound pieces as well. Furthermore, Joy in People has one special addition, and it is a reconstruction of Open Bedroom, with its most prominent pieces. Besides, this exhibition also features some of Deller´s works which have never seen other exhibition spaces.

Within the project Speak to the Earth and It Will Tell You, Jeremy puts a focus on the ego and its interests. He tries to explain that once these interests are shared by several people, they become organised, which is the source for associations, unions as well as political parties. As we already know he is not painting pictures, he is staging them, but his success is the also the success of people who are working with him. This means that his ego is not the most important element in the process of creation.
He openly shows his interest in people and their life and cares for them in a way that even at some exhibitions Deller gives souvenirs to the visitors. This souvenir is a small packet designed by him which includes the seeds of a dove tree. This is also a part of his project which should be finished in 2017 with dove trees around the world in its full bloom.

Jeremy Deller is also an environmentalist who is known as a strange guy on a bike, especially interested in bats. Some of his last works are connected with capturing bats on 3D videos, following their gothic and romantic flies. Bats project shows Deller´s determination and originality through which he tries to present the life of bats to the audience. That is only one of the things which separates Jeremy from other artists.

Jeremy Deller is also known for his signs which represented a particular guide for society, which soon became popular and made him recognised because of its witty remarks which were never before presented in that way.